Nike London


We created three TVCs visually dramatising the unique textures and flavours of Castello’s cheeses. The spots were made with 3D pioneers Man Vs Machine.
As seen on: It's Nice That and Shots



Two TVCs made for Baileys continuing to explore new consumptions moments and prove that Baileys is not just for Christmas. Directed by Femke Huurdeman.

Live Show

I worked on the development of Chagall's new live show called ‘Calibration’.The show incorporates reactive visuals, choreography & lights. I've done the initial creative and art direction together with Leyla Rees. All visuals are interactive and reactive with the gloves and a mo cap suit.

Google Jacquard

Google’s Advance Technology & Projects latest invention - Jacquard by google takes ordinary objects (in this case a jacket and a backpack) and enhances them with new digital abilities and experiences while maintaining the original purpose of the item.
These six 6 second bumpers are the first ever campaign Jacquard has done by themselves without relying in their partner brands.


We made two TVCs for innocent heroing people who, like the brand, live on the bright side of life. Bright graphic print and digital OOH accompanied the spots and flooded grey January mornings with colour. Directed by

Must Be Strong

Must be strong is a film we made in collaboration with trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf. The film was directed by Femke Huurdeman, the digital make up is from Ines Alpha and music from ShyGirl. The film was created for International day of trans visibility.

As seen on:
Love Magazine / Bustle / Wonderland / Out / Attitude / Gay Times / Girls in Film

A Qweens' Speech

"Who should speak on the future of the UK? It’s certainly not the Queen, whos primetime Christmas slot is filled with milquetoast promises and hopes for a ‘better Britain’ and ‘peace and prosperity’ – in a country run by the Tories and decimated by austerity, words from a reptilian relic feel pretty hollow. " - DAZED
Directed by Zhang + Knight and produced by ACNE London "Qweens' speech" seeks to highlight an urgent and alternative message that the UK needs to hear – that of queer liberation, the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, and solidarity with people of all sexualities and identities.